Ice Shot Glasses

Just fill, freeze and abracadabra – ice shot glasses! Perfect for ‘Shooters’ and great for parties. Our amazing Ice Shot Moulds can be made from just water or alternatively can be flavoured and coloured using fruit juices and mixers. The possibilities are endless! The pack comes with full simple instructions.

Ice Shot Glasses Suggestions:

‘Cool sunrise’
Fill with orange juice with 6mm left at the top, add a dash of Grenadine, and serve with chilled Tequila and fresh lime juice.

‘Blue N Black’
Try this one at your next dinner party – Add water, leave 6mm & fill with Blue Curacao. Freeze & serve with Absolute Currant. Very very cool!!

‘Velvet Mint’

Pure class РFill with water, (leaving 6mm), then add a dash of Cr̬me de Menthe. Freeze & serve with chilled Irish Cream. Very impressive!

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Ice Shot Glasses

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