Robomop Softbase

We all know what it is like in the busy, busy world we live in….. too cream crackered when we get in at night to do the domestic bit; we just want to have fun. Life is too short, we work too hard, we HATE housework. With this thought in mind a clever chappy from the Nordic part of the world conjured up the wonderful idea of inventing a robotic dusting machine, you watch it do the work.Robomop Softbase

The RoboMop will run across your floor, and clean a 60 square metre surface with 98% accuracy in 1 hour. The 8.5 centimetre low mop actually cleans areas where you usually do not clean yourself like under sofas, beds and cupboards. (Where the real amounts of dust piles up).

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  1. 26th November 2007 | WebMonster says:
    cool dude!

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